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Premium Italian Gelato

Having the worlds finest in-house manufacturing of fresh premium Italian gelato is out niche. The wide variety of flavours has something for everyone. Our outlets are usually equipped with multiple Gelato display as we have so much to offer to our customers. Come for free tasting, and we assure you that you wont go anywhere else.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

With a blend of green or black tea & endless variety of fruity flavours it is topped with tapioca pearls or popping bubbles with fresh fruity flavour. Tapioca Extracted from the Cassava plant the stars of the show are soft, chewy and contain iron, calcium, vitamin B9 and essential omega-3 acids.

Gelato Shake

Gelato Shakes

A complete diet in a glass, thats right our Gelato Milk Shakes are one of our hotsellers. Choose from any flavour and get a mind blowing rush of flavour and energy with the topping of your choice and whipped cream. We use the same premium Italian Gelato to make these shakes.


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